Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'll take 'Disgusting Scumbags in Mexican Prison for $800, Alex.'


Hangout of boyrapists from around the world, if around the world means mostly the US & A and Canadia.


Boychat member.


Real name, 'Robert Vann Smith'. (tip of the hat to Iluv2Surf, his ID, not mine.)



Today, my friends, is a happy one.

Also picked up with the human cesspool was some clown boyrapist named 'Nicholas Joseph Simons'. Anyone know the BC identity of this jerkoff?

Oh, and I'm late, way behind velocity, rijko, and Iluv2surf, but boyrapist 'rookiee' is Damien Cole, aka Damien Roberto Andres Cole, aka Damien R.A. Cole, aka 'Crassus'. I just want it to be out there in one more place. I take no credit for this ID, but man, I wish I could! :)

Ella, sweet sweet Ellavoir, I haven't forgotten you. Each day brings us closer to your picture being posted here, despite the tricks your girlraping buddies are trying to pull. What do you think they expect in return for helping you Ella? I'll give you a hint, they don't expect a long philosphical discussion on girllove, dear. They expect something a little more intimate. Oh no...thinking about sex with one of these turds gets me OH SO HOT AND SWEATY!!!!!!! (that was sarcasm).

Good work Antis, you did us all proud.

PS. I hear Mexican prision is a lot of fun, so cross your fingers people, and we might have two, count 'em, two suicide reports here posted shortly. God willing, that's going to be quite a dance party!

Monday, November 13, 2006

If you're wondering why...

Some people might ask, "Hey Splatterer, why do you keep your FAMAS ready in case a pedophile moves into your neighboorhood?' 'Why do you hunt pedophiles for sport?' 'Why do you out pedophiles in an attempt to make them commit suicide?'

I do it for Eddie Werner, 12 years old, murdered and stuffed in a suitcase (by a boychat member!).

I do it for little Jessica Lunsford. Buried alive with her stuffed dolphin (by 'childlover' john evander couey').

I do it for Shasta & Dylan Groene. one murdered, the other 'loved' repeatedly and forcefully, but hey, I guess thru her tears and screams she was seducing him, by scumbag joseph duncan

This is three, people, and I could easily extend the list to three thousand or three hundred thousand before midnite tonight. I have to stop now, because I'm feeling homicidal.

One thing I am going to do, is start giving online childrapists the names of convicited childrapists. They can change this by giving me their real name, address, and phone number. For example, childrapist 'rookiee' will now be known as 'sam manzie'.

And so on. Once I have a few, I'll publish a list.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The childrape websites hosted by childrape ISP Epifora, Inc. (what a fine representation of Canadian cowardice, there) are down, down, down. Boyrape, girlrape, boyrapelinks, the whole kit-n-caboodle. I'm sure the childrapists that are behind this site are busy as little bees finding some other host to store their child rape manuals, what they don't get is one phone call from PeeJ or others like them and it's homeless again. The child rapists must also be aware, by now, that no upstream provider will carry them either. Well, no reputable one anyway. Even pornographers think these people are scum. So if they try to set up their own childrape ISP (like epifora), well then, their upstream will just be taken out. Nice, right?

That's some good work by PeeJ.

Other news, ostensibly 16 year old childrape advocate ella has been indentified, with only a autheticated photo preventing full contact information being posted here. As soon as the photo comes in, up everything goes. Address. Telephone. Stay tuned.

Oh, and hunting pedophiles is my sexual orientation. Stop oppressing me, you close minded bigots.

Friday, November 03, 2006

This is what they do.

Read it and weep, people.

But wait, there is, while I wouldn't call it a HAPPY ending, still a reason to do a little dance. Your buddy Splatterer doesn't want you to spend they whole day sad. So read all the way to the end, and see what a harmless 'sexual orientation' does to a little boy. Once you're done, remember, this is what pedos do. Period!

From the Calgary Sun

Live sex abuse of kids online 'new trend'


ST. THOMAS, ONT. -- A man who allegedly abused his pre-school child live and online with a Toronto cop is part of a sickening trend for pedophiles on the Internet.

Cops were in-vestigating the man for child porn when he allegedly sent the real-time video to an officer posing as a pedophile.

The officer, Det.-Const. Paul Krawczyk, called Ontario Provincial Police, who rapidly tracked down the home and rescued the child.

"I've been in this unit for over four years and you think you've seen everything," said Krawczyk.
"At that moment what I recall is my heart racing out of control, sweating, and feeling like I was going to throw up."

It's thought this is the first time in Canada a cop has witnessed a real-time chat where a child was abused before his eyes.

But it wouldn't be the first time it happened, said Krawczyk.

"We're finding that it's a trend."

In 1996, a man was arrested in California for molesting a 10-year-old girl online while taking requests from other abusers.

Police later discovered a global club with nearly 200 members who assaulted kids online. At least eight suspects committed suicide.

One member of the club told British TV: "The Internet is great. I found people I could talk to. People who felt like me ... I never had so many friends."


There you have it folks. This is what boychat, girlchat, NAMBLA, PIE, butterfly kisses, rookie, camper, and all their ilk advocate. In their world, this would be legal. In their world, the child seduced the adult. Don't believe me? Go to boychat if you've got the stomach, and read it for yourself.

Use pedophile enabling google, I'm not linking to that garbage.

I found an article about a pedo who tried to dig up the corpse of a dead girl yesterday. I'll try to find it again to update later.

On the plus side, eight, count 'em, eight pedos offed themselves in the above story. Let's all do a happy dance, shall we. I hope it was really, really painful with lots of crying and long notes about oppression.

That reminds me, if anyone out there ever gets the text of a pedos suicide note, send it in and I'll post it for us all to laugh at.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Suicide Report!

Wow, that was fast. Only been up for a few hours and someone has sent us a suicide report! It's from Australia, and It's my very first one. It will have a special place in my heart, always.

From The Age


Australia's alert on pedophile dangers ignored

Mark Forbes, Jakarta
October 7, 2006

AT LEAST a dozen suspected Australian pedophiles are in Indonesia and no action is being taken against them, despite official warnings to Indonesian authorities.

An investigation by The Age has confirmed widespread child sex abuse continues in Indonesia, with Australians and other foreign pedophiles operating with relative impunity. Two Australians, language teacher Peter Smith and hotel manager Don Storen, are in custody facing pedophile charges. A third Don Hancock, a colleague of Smith's, committed suicide believing police were about to arrest him.


You can't see it, but I have a large smile on my face, right this second. Two locked up, and one dead. DEAD! A DEAD, STINKING, ROTTING IN THE GROUND PEDOPHILE. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO. Hey pedos, your buddy is rotting away. He died the same way he lived, hated by all, and loved by none. The only happiness he brought to the world was the happiness of people (like me) who are dancing (and pissing) on his grave. Rot away, pedophile. I hope all your buddies join you really soon.

It was October 6th, 2006. On October 6th, 2006, the world started to smell slightly better. Unless, that is, you were around Don Hancocks rotting corpse.

Come on pedos, give me something more recent.

Setting up

Hi there everybody! This is the very first of hopefully many posts on this new blog. Once we get up and running, it's going to be fun for the whole family. I invite you to come along with me on my many adventures hunting, identifying, and outing (exposing) pedophiles for all the world to see. Why is this necessary?

  • Because law enforcememt refuses to actually address this problem.
  • Because in the rare instance that law enforcement does do something, the justice system then fails.
  • Because it has fallen to citizens to pick up the ball where those who are paid and entrusted to protect our children, have dropped it.

What is the goal? Short term?

  • To identify online and offline pedophiles, and expose them to family, neighbors, employers, friends, landlords, clients, contacts, and basically every single person they know in real life.
  • To work with other blogs and organizations that share this goal, and to share resources and data with no infighting.
  • To remind pedophiles that they are a tiny minority that the rest of the normal, sane, non-evil world hates, and they are unwelcome anywhere.
  • To cause pedophiles to lose jobs, ruin their marriages, lose their children, their homes, and ideally, their will to live.

Long term?

  • To drive pedophiles off the web forever, off our world forver, and hopefully cause as many of them to commit suicide as possible. (Pedo suicide reports are ALWAYS welcome here. I can always use a good laugh).

So that's it. I'm still deciding what layout I want, etc, so the look may change a few times in the next day or two. If you are also a pedohunter and want to be on my blogroll, comment.

Comments will be moderated. This ain't the place to talk about the difference between 'childlove' and pedophilia. You know why? Cuz there ain't no difference, holmes. It's all rape, it's all sick, and you suck. Period. You want free speech, go to Epifora. Oh wait, they're being shut down tomorrow. Better luck next time, pedos. So, comments from allies or randoms allowed, comments from pedos NOT allowed. Simple, right? 100$ says pedos can't even get that simple instruction. One exception, comments from pedos seeking advice on the best way to commit suicide are ALWAYS allowed. I want to help you guys with that in any way I can. Seriously.

Until next time.